Nicole Dzurko of Revival Body Care

Photo Credit:  Gregory Wilson

Photo Credit: Gregory Wilson

Nicole Dzurko, owner of Revival Body Care, is on a mission to make you rethink your current body care routine. As a mom of three, she had always been conscious of what she and her daughters ate, but it wasn’t until she started investigating what they were putting on their skin that she decided a new change needed to be made. Her collection of all natural Skin, Lip and Hair Care products are created using only Organic, Fair Trade, 100% vegan ingredients. Starting in her home kitchen, she has taken her endeavor all the way to a Lakewood storefront. Read about Nicole’s journey into the skin care world below.

Haley Mills: How did you get into making natural body products?

Nicole Dzurko: I’ve always been mindful of eating clean and organic foods, and I have three daughters so I was always really conscious of what we were putting in our bodies. I started paying more attention to ingredients in products that we were using around the house and in personal care products. I was blown away by the amount of chemicals; just doing more research and realizing how much gets absorbed into our skin and our blood stream through the air and topical application of products. I started with a small collection of body scrubs and over the past few years it grew into a full collection of skin, lip, and hair care.

HM: So your first product was the body scrubs?

ND: Yes, it was a collection of five body scrubs and those are still at the top of my list for product sales, but that's where it all started!

HM: How do you decide what new products to make?

ND: I base it off of personal swaps that I want to make with products that I have in my bathroom. That and client requests. For example, I held off on doing bath salts for a long time but it was one thing that I was constantly being asked for, so I developed and released the Immerse Collection! I’ve become a big lover of baths because of them!  Same thing with the serums and masks; clients were frequently asking, “do you have a facial cream or moisturizer?” My Serums are my Hero product! It’s really just listening to what my clients are wanting and what they are willing to swap out of their collection, too.

HM: Where do you make your products?

ND: I started in my home kitchen in 2015. Then I moved into a warehouse in Slavic Village for about a year and a half, and now I make everything in house, here! (“here” being Revival’s Lakewood store front). I have a full basement that spans the length of the store. It’s really lovely to have everything in house. It's so much more convenient and efficient. It's a really functional space that I just love being in. That was actually the selling point of the space, it was scary going down there initially but with full revamp of the space, it’s exactly what I needed for Revival at this point in time!

HM: What led you to open a store?

ND: If I had a penny for every time someone asked me if I was opening a store front! I was selling primarily just off the website, local events,  and I sell to about 100 stores across the country. I launched Revival Retreats out of the warehouse this past Fall. That was a cold space, definitely not the most optimal atmosphere for them, but it was selling out and my customers really loved it. When the opportunity to open this storefront presented itself, I knew it was the right time! I had this space that I could fully transform into a mini-oasis, providing not just natural beauty and wellness products, but also provide a space for education, community and collaboration. I am able to sell my products here, and I can bring in other businesses that I really love. I can also utilize the space for other wellness opportunities, so that people can learn about clean eating, self care, and taking a holistic approach to overall wellness and natural beauty.

HM: Tell me a little bit more about your Revival Retreats.

ND: I can gather up to 12 women at a time and then I take them through a guided DIY Goddess facial.  You’ll use all of my skincare products in the Goddess collection, starting with a face wash and then we’ll create a made-to-order face mask, based on your skin type and your skin needs and I’ll have separate mixers. It's really personal in that you are able to customize it to your own skin. Then we’ll follow with a serum and the gemstone facial roller. I’ll serve you food and drinks and it's just a really fun way to get girls together and carve out some self-care time.

HM: Can readers just sign up for a retreat? Can you come by yourself? Do you do larger groups?

ND: You can book your spot here.  And yes to both! I’ve had lots of women come solo which I highly recommend, sometimes you just have to jump out of your comfort zone and do it. I do have groups of friends that come too. I’ll also have groups reserve a specific date just for them (outside of the dates on the site), so I’m happy to offer private events as well. It’s really just a refreshing way to be around other women, and you’re bare faced so you’re a little bit more vulnerable and more willing, I think, to open up and let loose a little bit. It’s only 60-90 minutes of your time and I figure, as women we are so busy and spread so thin, if we can carve out just a small little bit of time and walk away feeling refreshed going back into our day to day lives, I think that's pretty awesome.

HM: What is your favorite product?

ND: Oh my gosh! That’s really hard to narrow it down to just one. I definitely cannot live without my GODDESS facial serums, Awaken + Dream. That's my go-to daily product! Probably also the Boho Babe sea salt spray - I typically don't blow dry my hair, so a few sprays of that and I’m  good to go.

Photo Credit:  Nicole Leone Miller

Photo Credit: Nicole Leone Miller

HM: Where is your favorite place to go on an adventure with your family?

ND: I have three daughters, one of which is at Ohio State University this year, and my younger two are 11 and 7. We spend a lot of time in Ohio City and Downtown. They love going to the museums in University Circle. We just bought a pass for the Great Lakes Science Center, so will be spending more time there this year. We are always trying to integrate art and science and just expand their minds to different cultures and experiences. In the summer, Edgewater is the place to be; they love going into the water. In the Lakewood area, there are so many great places to eat and we love the library and parks here!

HM: Where is your favorite brunch?

ND: Luxe is one of my favorite brunches. I love Luxe in general. The service is great! When I go with the kids, Townhall.

HM: Where is your favorite place for dinner?

ND: I love Astoria on Detroit! It’s really good - they have such a nice selection and variety of food options. Everytime I’m there, I leave wanting to create a big spread because they have so many great things to pick from and take home with you!

HM: Do you have a favorite Cleveland sports team?

ND: You have to root for the Browns, you just have to. The energy surrounding them is amazing and unlike any other team here in Cleveland! Of course we love the Indians and the Cavs too, but there's something special about the Browns.

Revival’s 4th Birthday (& Nicole’s actual birthday) are happening this week! Head over to Revival on Facebook & Instagram to check out the promotions & giveaways that will take place online and in-store all week!

Nicole will be hosting a Revival Retreat on Saturday, March 30th and there are still a few seats left (register here). After the retreat, she’ll have a Sip & Shop party at the store that day, with freebies and special promotions!

All Nicole want’s for her birthday is your vote in the FED EX Small Business Grant Competition! This round of votes is a big piece of the puzzle that helps to get Revival narrowed down to the top 100 businesses! 

Below we’ve linked a few of our favorite products. Shop online via the links below or visit Nicole at her Lakewood flagship store this week!