Megan Robinson of Blossom Cleveland

Photo Credit: Katie Telepak of  Fields and Freckles Photography

Photo Credit: Katie Telepak of Fields and Freckles Photography

From the mouth of Megan Robinson herself, “There is nothing on the internet that can't be beaten by a truly genuine smile and a face to face interaction.” I couldn’t agree more! Megan hopes that Blossom Cleveland will be a space where you can enjoy the company of others, experience something new, and leave with a smile on your face. I’ll definitely vouch for her, as she had me laughing and smiling the whole time we talked. Blossom Cleveland, located in Lakewood, opened yesterday, 1/19/19 and we think you should stop in and get to smiling, too! In the meantime, read about Megan and Blossom Cleveland below.

Haley Mills: How did you come up with the idea and move forward starting Blossom Cleveland?

Megan Robinson: So, I’d been in real estate for a while and I’d been itching for something that could get the creative side of me out. I did my own wedding flowers - I was very brave when I got married years ago and I had this peace when I did it. It was so relaxing. Flower shops are so outdated. They are all the same, they are not an interactive experience. You call and send flowers to someone on your anniversary - it’s not interactive for anybody. I really wanted something where people can be a part of it and build memories within the experience.

HM: I could not agree more. I love putting together bouquets but there's not really a great place to go find flowers to do so, so I’m really excited to come to visit you.

MR: Oh yay! I’m excited too. You can always go to the grocery store, but the quality just isn't there. I’m super excited for what Blossom Cleveland is going to be like.

HM: Where do you source your flowers from?

MR: I get them from Wholesalers, about 50% of them, and when in season I source them locally. Specifically, a girl in Fairview Park, Backyard Bouquets. It’s nice because she's close to home, they are grown locally and there are no harmful pesticides. Not always, but whenever possible I source them locally.

HM: What led you to open a storefront in Lakewood?

MR: I love Lakewood. I live in Lakewood, I have a century home with all the old character. The walkability here is key. It’s so so diverse, which is why I live here and why I wouldn’t have my business anywhere else. The space has the original tin ceilings and hardwood floors - even if we had to uncover them from drop ceiling tiles and ugly carpet.

HM: What sets blossom Cleveland apart from the competition/other flower shops in Cleveland?

MR: Honestly, I don’t feel like I have a lot of competition in the space that I’m in. There are some really great floral designers in Cleveland who are event-based and they design and that's their thing. Then there are some good traditional florists that have been around for years. I’m neither of those. I do events, I do weddings. I have my own wedding style that is becoming popular - and I’m excited about that - but I’m not an event designer. This is an experience and that literally doesn’t exist. I don’t think there's any direct competition, which is great!

HM: What has been the biggest surprise with opening a storefront?

MR: Oh, gosh. I have a lot! Honestly, it’s hard not to take control of everything because I have all of this stuff in my head. I’m sure you know when you came up with the bucket list, it's like “this is how I want it to be,” and you have all of this in your head and you spill it out and hope it becomes exactly as you imagined. So, I guess that's the biggest thing, hiring staff. It was hard for me to find people that really fit exactly what I want and I felt like they cared about people as much as I do. I’m in the flower business but even more so, I’m in the people business. I love people! I want real interaction and I want people to have real experiences. Yes, the space is Instagram worthy but I want you to take a picture for Instagram and then spend time together! I feel like I want the people I hire to see the vision I have. It’s hard not to be possessive over something that you’ve dreamt up.

HM: What's your favorite place for lunch in Cleveland?

MR: Oh! I have to think about for a second. I am a foodie! Honestly, I was vegan for a long time, I'm not vegan anymore, but I still like to stick with that type of food as much as I can. I love anyone that offers vegan options. I love juicing! Anna in the Raw is my favorite. I'm actually hoping to create a space where people can stay a while and meet or work so I'd love to add fresh juice in the future! Also, the food truck, Wild Spork, I’m all about it! Really anything that has vegan options that don’t taste like grass, haha! I also love the pastries from Cleveland Vegan and The Root!

HM: Favorite spot to take an out of towner?

MR: That’s so fun! Hopefully, Blossom will be that. That's the goal, I want people to come here and be like why aren’t you here, you have to come to check this out! I have family from Pennsylvania where there's really nothing cool so it’s not hard to impress them, haha! I love to take people to anything that's not a chain, I hate chains. Well, I mean you’ll catch me at Target for sure! But when I have an out of towner I like to go local. So, Rood Food and Pie just opened across the street from us and I’m super excited. They have the coolest atmosphere. They have different colored lights, and a faux greenery wall and the bar is an old camper. My favorite thing about them is they have vegan (and non-vegan) pie. The pie is so amazing! You can go wherever to eat, I take people to Melt all the time because its such a big attraction. But Rood has this pie and no one does pie anymore - except old people places, haha.

HM: Is there anything else TBCL readers should know about you or Blossom Cleveland?

MR: Even though I’m in the flower business, I want to be in the happy people business. When I was thinking of my creative juices and what I could do - flowers make people happy and I genuinely just love people to be happy! I love people and I want to brighten someones day. We live in this world where, I love Instagram ok, it’s done a lot of business for me, but everything on the internet and not is as it seems. There is nothing on the internet that can't be beaten by a truly genuine smile and a face to face interaction.

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