Brianna Jones of Lush & Lovely Floristry


Honestly, just talking to Brianna Jones brings a smile to your face, which translates well to her Floral shop, Lush & Lovely Floristry. Brianna wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her future, so she started experimenting with flowers from local grocery stores on a suggestion from a friend. The rest, as they say, is history! Today, Lush & Lovely, located in Ohio City, specializes in hand-tied bouquets using American grown flowers. We loved speaking with Brianna and hope you enjoy her story below.

What made you decide to open Lush & Lovely? What actually pushed you to do it?

I was originally going to just kind of have a studio space, but the shop we ended up with happened to just be on craigslist and I couldn't pass up that space in that neighborhood (Lush and Lovely is located on Bridge Ave in Ohio City).

I was going to school for photography and I didn’t want to be a wedding photographer, which is kind of funny now that I do weddings. I just didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life and someone suggested I try flowers and I did and I loved it. I started buying flowers from grocery stores and just playing around and I fell in love with it…. And then I just decided to open the shop. I was like “Ok, I’m just going to open a flower shop now.”

What's the best part about running a small business in Cleveland?

Oh, the support. Hands down. The support from other business owners, the support from just the city of Cleveland itself, the people the customers, everybody - the support is amazing. I’ve never owned a small business anywhere else but I cannot imagine that it is anything like Cleveland. It’s such a special place to be a small business owner. I’m not originally from Cleveland so for Cleveland to adopt me they way that they have, I couldn't be more thankful.

What is one thing that owning the shop has brought you that you don't think you would have found in your life otherwise?

I think just a genuine love of what I do. Certainly, it challenges me in ways that I never expected and maybe wasn't fully ready for... but I genuinely love what I do, every aspect of it, even the not so fun parts.

What brought you to Cleveland?

I was in the army for 7 years and my husband and I knew neither of us wanted to move back to where we came from. My dad had grown up in Cleveland and my grandparents live here and I have some other family here. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like such a cheese ball but it is the truth… I used to come to visit my grandma here when I was in the army and for whatever reason, I fell in love with Cleveland. I just always thought, I want to live here. So when I got out of the army I moved to Cleveland.

You have one last meal in Cleveland, what is it?

Chicken Pad Thai from Johnny Mangos.

What’s your favorite place to be in Cleveland?

Other then my flower shop, Ohio City is my favorite place to be in Cleveland. I love Ohio City so much!

What's your favorite Cleveland season and why?

Winter, because we get the beautiful snowfall but Cleveland just keeps on trucking it doesn't shut down, you can still go about your business. It seems magical this time of year, I just love it.

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