Erin Steidel of Three Dog Bakery


Erin Steidel, of Three Dog Bakery, wanted what all dog owners want - the ability to bring her dogs to work with her. She knew a career change was in her future and franchising a Three Dog Bakery seemed like a great fit. Erin opened her location in Hingetown in January of this year. She keeps busy baking treats and cakes for Cleveland’s pups. Don’t be fooled, Three Dog is more than just a bakery - read on to see all that Erin offers!

Haley Mills: What were you doing before you opened Three Dog Bakery?

Erin Steidel: I worked in the healthcare industry for 11 years prior to opening the bakery.

HM: How did you come up with the idea to open the bakery?

ES: When we got our first dog in 2015, I went  back to school at Ursuline College for my MBA. I was exploring a career change. I went to the Three Dog Bakery in Columbus for their Easter- Begg event. I thought it was the cutest pet store I had ever seen. I thought it would be fun to bake these all-natural treats and cakes for dogs. I found out they were a franchise and I started the pursuit to open one in Cleveland.

HM: How did you pick the location that you are in?

ES: The neighborhood is very residential. When I was looking at the location, many people were out walking their dogs. I saw dogs on the patio of Rising Star, Jukebox, Saucy Brew Works  and outside of Tea Revival. I felt that my store would complement the existing businesses. I’m also very fortunate to have a parking lot in the back of my store, off of Church Street. It makes it so much easier to bring your dog into the shop!

HM: What are some of the products you carry in the shop?

ES: We carry products and brands that are safe and healthy for your dog. We have dog food, treats, toys, chews, leashes and collars.  We have a few cat items too. A lot of the dogs will walk around the store and pick out their own treat - it’s really cute to watch.

HM: Do you actually bake the treats in the shop?

ES: Yes, we bake and decorate all of the cakes and treats in the store. We use all-natural ingredients and we don't use artificial colors. It’s all human grade and I’ve tried several of the treats myself. Every dog gets a sample when they walk in the door.


HM: Tell me about your dogs.

ES: I have two french bulldogs, Cappy and Ellie. Cappy is three years old and Ellie is two. They are frequently here at work with me.

HM: What are some of your dogs’ favorite toys and treats that you have in the shop?

ES: My dogs love the Three Dog Bakery classic cream cookies. They also chew on a Benebone every night.

HM: What is your favorite place for dinner in Cleveland?

ES: My husband and I love Mabel's on East 4th. We love the ribs and the fatty brisket.

HM: Where is your favorite place to be in Cleveland?

ES: We got the brewery passport, so over the summer, we went to a lot of breweries. I have to say Collision Bend, the scenery, the food, and the drinks were like all amazing. I love going there. And you can bring your dog so it’s even better! Then you can walk right over to the flats and make a whole afternoon of it, it’s awesome.

HM: Where is your favorite place to go with your dogs in Cleveland?

ES: We like taking them to Terrestrial Brewing because they have so many doggy events. So there are always other dogs around. We kind of take them anywhere there is a patio that they are allowed to go. Terrestrial is a fun one because you get to meet other dog owners while you're there.

TCBL Haley