Christie Murdoch of Banyan Tree

Photo Credit:  Maria Manco Photography

Christie Murdoch, owner of Banyan Tree, and I have at least one thing in common, we love the people of Cleveland. Banyan Tree, located in Tremont, Legacy Village, and Crocker Park (as well as shop-able online), is a one-of-a-kind store featuring clothes and home goods. Read more about Banyan Tree & Christie below!

Haley Mills: How did the idea for Banyan Tree come about?

CM: The idea was formed while traveling to Bali in 2001, upon returning to Cleveland and moving to Tremont, I saw an opportunity to open a shop as part of the urban renewal of Cleveland. Rooted in the community, Banyan Tree’s mission has been to connect to the community and create a space that inspires people to become their best selves.

HM: What makes Banyan Tree different?

CM: We’ve always had a keen eye for design and quality and do our best to offer items at a moderate price. Traveling and bringing products back allows us to offer interesting items that are unique to our market to Cleveland. Working with makers in Bali has help us support hundreds of families while infusing the Balinese culture into the fabric of our brand.

HM: What is your favorite item/line/product that you sell in the store?

CM: Figwood and North Shore.  These are our in house label that we have made in Indonesia and Thailand. We co-create with makers in these countries to bring a product that is only offered at Banyan Tree.

HM: What's your favorite thing about owning/running a small business in this area?

CM: The People. Cleveland is a loyal city and has the most amazing people that are consciously about supporting local. I am so lucky to be able to work in a creative field. My favorite thing to do is merchandise and design the interior of my stores.

HM: What is the biggest challenge with owning/running Banyan Tree?

CM: Work/Life balance.  As a working mom of two boys, I see how important it is to stay healthy mentally and physically to be present for both. The stress of owning a business can consume most of my time so that's when I have to check in with myself and get centered.  

HM: What is your favorite thing to do in Cleveland?

CM: Taking walks in the Cleveland Metroparks. We are blessed to have such an expansive park system. Being connected to nature is important to my well-being.  

HM: Where is your favorite place to get dinner in Cleveland? 

CM:I love to try new restaurants and enjoy good food, but Fat Cats has been a local favorite that's always consistent.

HM: Which Cleveland sports team is your favorite?

CM: Cavs!

Our three favorite picks from Banyan Tree are: