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Wellness Fest Cleveland 2019


Wellness Fest Cleveland is an event that truly focuses on what's good for the mind, body and soul. The Cleveland Clinic will be setup with various of wellness tents that will help you with preventative health care, holistic medicine, nutrition and more. The Vegan Flea Market will be there as well with over 30 vegan vendors along the street.
Some of the locations of Pinecrest will be offering specialty classes that you can sign up for like yoga in the park and other wellness classes.

The event is free to walk around but we will be offering a Wellness Bag full of goodies. It will have over $100 in deals from the locations in Pinecrest and they only cost $15 each. The bags are reusable grocery store bags so you can get away from using single use plastic bags.

Full schedule will be announced soon.

10am - 2pm | Vegan Flea Market
10am - 2pm | Cleveland Clinic Presentations

Free to Walk Around
$15 Wellness Goodie Bag (Over $100 in Pinecrest Deals)
$20 Wellness Goodie Bag + Yoga Class
$20 Wellness Goodie Bag + Orange Theory Class
$20 Wellness Goodie Bag (Day Of / Door Price)