Woodstock 50th Anniversary Event in Cleveland

Fifty years ago, people gathered peacefully in Upstate New York inspired to change the world through music. Today, Clevelanders rejoice at the opportunity to enjoy a slice of the historic three-day event with a one-night celebration full of music, dancing and reminiscing. The Woodstock 50th Anniversary Event will take place at Cleveland’s public auditorium on Saturday, August 17th.

To bring true meaning to the manifestation of “peace, love and music” close to home, U.S. Tours is partnering with a local nonprofit, The Music Settlement for individual ticket sales.  The ground seating will be filled with tour-goers from across the country, but the individual balcony tickets are now on sale to the public. Be a part of this unforgettable evening, while supporting a local music non-profit; 40% of ticket sales will support programming at The Music Settlement

The Music Settlement, (TMS) is a 107-year-old community music school in University Circle forged out of the Settlement movement with the goal to connect immigrants new to our city with people from all walks of life through the universal language of music. TMS has grown from its foundation of music instruction to also offering early childhood education and music therapy services. In 2018, TMS expanded its mission with the construction of a second campus in Ohio City.

Providing life-enhancing experiences to all members of the community through music and the arts has been and continues to be TMS’s guiding mission. “This partnership to unite all generations with music at the heart of it, was truly a harmonious match,” said Geri Presti, President and CEO of The Music Settlement.

The Woodstock experience features Back to the Garden, America’s premier Woodstock tribute band. Whether you’re experiencing Woodstock all over again, or for the first time, guests are encouraged to celebrate this tribute in 1960s-era inspired fashion. From bell bottoms to tie-dye – all are welcome for this unforgettable celebration.

TCBL Haley