Experiencing Brunch at Rosewood Grill

East side, west side, or south side, there’s no excuse for not visiting a Rosewood Grill for Brunch!! Rosewood Grill is located in Hudson, Strongsville, and Westlake. They serve brunch Saturdays (coming soon to Strongsville and Westlake) and Sundays from 10-2pm. We highly recommend making a reservation because this is a really good brunch that’s bound to catch on soon!

Please note the folks at Rosewood were kind enough to invite TCBL to try the full brunch menu, but all of the opinions in this blog post are ours!!

We started out with a Mimosa (mimosas are $5 throughout brunch), and a Good Morning Manhattan. The fresh squeezed orange juice in the mimosa was on point… although you might like a little more champagne to OJ ;). Also, please note both Bloody’s on the menu come with a High Life shorty - love it. Next we tried the Avocado Toast, Coo Coo 4 Cocoa Puffs and Millionaire Bacon (bacon with brown sugar and cayenne) - all on the appetizer menu and all fantastic. The Coo Coo 4 Cocoa Puffs is a boozy milk drink served alongside cocoa puffs.

TBH we were already feeling a little bit full, but as soon as Brioche French Toast was mentioned I was back in the game. It did not disappoint! The french toast was eggy and thick - the best kind if you ask me. We also tried the lemon ricotta pancakes - neither the lemon nor the ricotta overpowered the pancakes, which I really enjoyed. I only tasted small bites of both the short rib hash and the fried chicken benny, but we’d both definitely order them if we were feeling savory and not sweets for brunch.

Rosewood’s brunch menu also features a large selection of Salads & Sandwiches that we also tried. Everyone in your party can find something to enjoy for brunch. We definitely recommend this spot for larger parties, but sitting with a friend at the bar will be just as fun. A huge thanks to Rosewood Grill for having us out!

The food kept coming and all I know for sure is you should get your butts to Rosewood Grill to try this brunch out for yourselves. We loved dining at the Hudson location but the Westlake location is much closer to us. Stay tuned for a TCBL giveaway with Rosewood Grill in the next week or two!