Craft Beer And Donuts - A Cleveland Must Stop

Can you live in Cleveland and not know what Brewnuts is? Can you live outside of Cleveland and not know what Brewnuts is? At this point Aliens have to know what Brewnuts is, and for good reason.

Owners Shelley & John Pippin opened Brewnuts on the corner of w 65th and Detroit in 2017, and have been cranking out donuts ever since. Brewnuts concept lies in craft beer based donuts, and boy do they deliver! Combine these hand crafted fresh donuts with a lively coffee and beer bar atmosphere and you have Brewnuts.

Every time we stop in, Brewnuts has a locally and regionally diverse set of brews on its 16 taps. Each brew pairs well with one of the donuts, and the menu often gives some pairing suggestions. Make sure to check out Brewnuts' social media before you head in to know the flavors on the shelves for that day.

Our favorites include:

Maple Bacon

Apple Cider Frycake

Anything with Fruity Pebbles

But honestly - you can't go wrong with anything at Brewnuts!